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Police ask residents to remove signs from city right of way

As a matter of public safety, the Great Bend Police Department is requesting that signs placed on the city right of way adjacent to public streets be moved back to the property owners’ curtilage, and reminds residents that signs on the city right of way are prohibited by city ordinance.
“With school starting Wednesday, Aug. 23, many children and young adults will be walking to school,” said GBPD Lt. Scott Harper. In order to provide pedestrians and drivers the best view of each other, especially at intersections and crosswalks, any obstructions should be moved off of the right of way.
This includes all signs, like those for real estate sales, roofing contractors, political candidates and those displaying personal messages.
“We respect all persons’ right to free speech and in no way will interfere with such expression as long as it doesn’t interfere with public safety or violate local, state or federal laws or regulations,” Harper said.
City ordinance 9.20.040 – Usage of public right of way, states: “It is unlawful to place advertising or signs on the public right of way. Each day’s violation of this section shall constitute a separate offense.” The curtilage is the portion of a person’s property that immediately surrounds the structure, excluding city easements and rights of way which vary but extend roughly 10 feet in from the curb.
“Thank you for help in protecting the children of our community,” Harper said.