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St. Rose shows its commitment to families
health ml stRose Jacobs
Zena Jacobs

Hundreds of people listened to St. Rose Health Center representatives during its November grand opening and got a pretty good sense of what this new facility means to central Kansans.
But their advanced education came during the tours through each of the many St. Rose departments.
“The first-hand look at all our services and equipment was a real eye-opener,” Site Manager Zena Jacobs said. “While participants got a taste of the new St. Rose during a few opening remarks, our spirit and professionalism became apparent during the tours.
“The positive reactions were especially gratifying after three years of massive changes,” Jacobs added. “The transformation from a hospital to a health-care center created some confusion but our grand opening answered a lot of questions.”
While Jacobs will always appreciate the public’s response at the opening, she also credits St. Rose associates for their commitment to their patients and the community.
“They are so well-versed in their specialties, and their enthusiasm while leading the tours was obvious,” Jacobs commented. “To further illustrate their dedication, associates volunteered their time to guide the public around our new facility. They have a genuine passion for St. Rose.”
Equally gratifying was the participation by Hays Medical Center and Centura Health representatives, Jacobs noted.
“Many HaysMed departments were represented at the opening, demonstrating the continued commitment to St. Rose,” the site manager commented. “This proved to us yet again that HaysMed and Centura care about St. Rose and the people we serve. They took the time to come here and meet more people in our community.”
HaysMed and Centura Health have co-owned St. Rose since early last year.
St. Rose focuses on wellness and prevention. Its services include St. Rose Family Medicine, Convenient Care Walk-in Clinic, Great Bend Internists, Cardiac Rehabilitation, imaging, Special Nursing Services, one-day surgical procedures, Golden Belt Home Health & Hospice and a comprehensive Specialty Clinic.
The specialists represent cardiology, ob/gyn, general surgery, orthopedics, urology and pulmonology.
“Throughout each department,” Jacobs said, “HaysMed and Centura have set a high standard of excellence. We see it in the quality of our clinic providers and the specialists who see patients at St. Rose regularly.
“It is fantastic to see the professional collaboration every day,” she added. “Our partnership results in the all-important continuity of care, with the convenience of electronic medical records. The patient, primary-care physician and specialists at HaysMed are all on the same page.”
Each HaysMed department also is responsive to St. Rose personnel, as well as to the patient.
“For example,” Jacobs said, “if we need something, we call. Their expertise is immediately available and they can serve as effective troubleshooters.”
St. Rose’s approach to health care is the wave of the future, not only locally, but statewide and even nationally.
“Our strong focus on staying well and preventing problems is here to stay,” Jacobs predicted. “Regular check-ups, blood tests and other screenings can prevent problems before they have a chance to worsen. This saves money and creates peace of mind. That’s a great combination.”