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Property, oil and gas valuations on their way
new deh county update household hazardous waste pic 2
Shown is the household hazardous waste disposal site at the Barton County Landfill. The first household hazardous waste collection of the year is scheduled for Saturday morning at the facility. - photo by Tribune file photo

 Household hazardous waste collection to start Saturday


The first household hazardous waste collection of the year is scheduled from 9 am until noon Saturday at the Barton County Landfill. Scheduled collections will run through October on the third Saturday of the month, however people can make special appointments.

In addition, there will be collections: In Pawnee County on Saturday, May 7, at the Road and Bridge Shop, 11th and Trail; In Hoisington on Sept. 24 west side of the city shops, 160 S. Pine; and at the Sunflower Diversified Services recycling location from 9 a.m. to noon on April 23, 5523 10th in Great Bend. 

To set up an appointment to dispose of household hazardous waste, or for questions regarding recycling or regular household waste, call the landfill at 620- 793-1898.


Household hazardous waste includes:

• Household/cleaning products  

Abrasive cleaners/powders 

Bleach cleaners 


Floor and furniture cleaners 

Household batteries (lithium and rechargeable) 


Oven cleaners 

Photographic chemicals 

Pool chemicals                                                                                                                             Toilet cleaners                                                                                                                            Smoke detectors

Rug and upholstery cleaners                                                                                                                Thermostats/thermometers                                                                                                                   Paint/finishing products

Enamel or oil-based paints 

Latex or water-based paints 

Thinners and turpentine 

Furniture strippers 

Wood preservatives 


• Automotive products


Transmission fluids 

Brake fluids 

Waste oils 



• Garden/pest control products  

Pesticides, insecticides 



Arsenicals (contain lead arsenic) 

Botanicals (made of plants) 

Carbamates                                                                                                                                 • Hydrocarbons 


Roach and ant killers 

Rat and mice poisons

Flea collars and sprays

What not to bring:

Commercial/business waste 

Infectious waste 

Radioactive waste 

Laboratory chemicals 



Empty or dry Containers

Alkaline batteries and dried out and empty containers can be disposed of with regular trash. 

 Personal property valuations and oil and gas valuations will be mailed on or before May 1. Taxpayers have 15 days after valuations are mailed to appeal the valuations or classification if they believe they are incorrect, Barton County Appraiser Barb Esfeld told county commissioners Monday morning.

Personal property renditions were due by March 15 and oil and gas renditions were due by April 1. If they have not been filed, taxpayers are in the penalty phase, Esfeld said. 

A five percent penalty is applied each month up to 25 percent. There is a 50 percent penalty for not filing. 

The office number is 620-793-1821 and taxpayers are urged to call for if they have questions.  

The report was part of a bi-monthly departmental update presented to commissioners. Other highlights included:

County Engineer Barry McManaman

• Phone conference with the Corps of Engineers and the State Historical Society reference the Beaver bridge.

• Discussed final plans and legal descriptions for bridge on East Barton County Road with designer.

• Researched deeds concerning right of way needs on bridge east of Great Bend.

• Sent information to sign fabrication companies to solicit bids for signing project.

Road and Bridge Director Dale Phillips

Road and Bridge

• Culverts are being repaired/cleaned out in various areas of the county. 

• Sand pumping continues along with screening for summer projects.

• Sand hauling from Ellinwood to Great Bend continued as time allowed.

• Asphalt mixing has started for the 2016 asphalt season.

• Drainage work was completed in Lakin Township, in the Odin area and north of Hoisington on Susank Road.

• Sign work was completed as needed. 

Noxious Weed

• Spraying of right of way continued.

Solid Waste Director Phil Hathcock

In the past reporting period, the Barton County Landfill took in:

• 873 tons of municipal solid waste

• 388 tons of construction/demolition waste

• 134 tons of special waste

• 221 loads of waste received for disposal

• $50,406.61 of revenue generated through disposal fees