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Reaching a goal
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Eric Friebs mother, Amy Frieb, pins his Eagle Scout pin onto his shirt Saturday at his Eagle Court of Honor Ceremony.

“Be Prepared.” That is the Scout motto, and that is what took place on Saturday afternoon at Heartland Farm.
Becoming an Eagle Scout is on the mind of many young Boy Scouts , but only a small percentage will reach that goal.
For a Boy Scout to reach the rank of Eagle Scout, he has to reach certain goals. One of the goals is being prepared at all times, and that is exactly what Eric Frieb of Troop 130 did.
On Saturday afternoon he received the rank of Eagle Scout at the Eagle Court of Honor ceremony.
“It means a lot to me,” Frieb said “Now it’s time to give back.”
Another goal that a person trying to reach the rank of Eagle Scout has to complete, is to develop and lead a project for his church, school, or community.
The purpose of the project is to show the persons leadership skills that he learned throughout the years of being a Boy Scout.
Frieb’s project was the building of a pavilion at Heartland Farm.
The ground was broken about a year ago for the pavilion. Frieb’s job was not to build the pavilion but to lead the process of building it. With help from his father and many other people his project started to become a reality for this young man. After a lot of hard work the pavilion was dedicated on Saturday after Frieb’s ceremony.
The Process
It all starts with coming up with an idea. From there the Scout has to get approval for the project from the Boy Scout Council, and the people the Scout is doing the project for. After this, the Scout has to lead the project, plan the building of it and delegate who is doing what with the project. He has to keep track of the finances, materials needed for the project, and hours worked.
There are other goals the person has to reach, but the project is the main part of becoming an eagle scout.
Once the rank of Eagle Scout is reached, the journey doesn’t stop there. The Eagle Scout now has a greater responsibility not only to himself but to others as well.
This all took place during Heartlands Farm’s Open Farm Day.
People visiting the farm had the opportunity to see chickens, alpacas, and to participate in crafts. The farm had produce for sale, refreshments through out the day along with tours of the farm.