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Susan Stambaugh, Great Bend High School vocal music instructor, said nearly all of her A Cappella Choir students are up for grabs in the rent-a-student fund raiser. The students have less than eight weeks left to raise funds for their trip to Washington, D.C.
“Some kids have 100 percent of their funding in place; some don’t,” she said. As money-making opportunities come in, she will match students who need funds with the jobs. Or, specific students can be requested.
“No one has ever said that they are not satisfied with their job performance,” Stambaugh said, noting that no job is too small or too large. “If it’s a big job, I send more students.
“The kids really do depend on this fund raiser,” Stambaugh said. “The community is always very generous in its support of my students.”
In the past, students have helped with raking leaves, snow removal, washing windows, helping with inventory and estate sales, stripping wallpaper and shampooing carpets.
Other ideas include doing laundry, office work, baking for the holidays, wrapping gifts or putting up outside lights and inside decorations.
Students are rented for a donation, Stambaugh said. They can provide receipts for people so that the donation can be used as a tax deduction.
To rent a student, call Stambaugh, 620-792-5374.