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Sale of Ellinwood’s used brick resolved
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The Ellinwood City Council met Tuesday night in regular session. Pictured are council member Ken Lebbin, Mayor Irlan Fullbright and council members Kirk Clawson, Steve Oelke, Jon Prescott and James McCormick. Not pictured but present was City Manager Chris Komarek and City Clerk Kim Schartz. - photo by Veronica Coons

ELLINWOOD — Tuesday night, Ellinwood City Council members met and approved resolutions concerning four properties: 106 W. Fourth, 518 E.. Fourth, 404 E. Fourth, and 6110 N. Hirsch. They were all subject to the hearing held at the Oct. 24 special meeting where the Fourth Street properties were found to be unsafe, dangerous or dilapidated structures, and the Hirsch Street property was found to be dangerous, dilapidated and unsafe, as well as a public health nuisance. 

Next step in the abatement process, the city will publish the resolutions as required in the official newspaper of the city.

Jon Prescott inquired if Chris McCord, Ellinwood, who indicated interest in acquiring and restoring the 518 E. Fourth Street property, was making progress. A review concerning the is scheduled for Dec. 11 a the next regular city council meeting, City Manager Chris Komarek said. 

Sale of used brick

In August, the council approved a request from Ryder Brick of Oklahoma to purchase street bricks salvaged from a road replacement project near the city power plant. The company agreed to buy up to $10,000 at a price of 18 cents each, but they did not act immediately. Earlier in November, after Komarek informed the company they had received a request from another company, Ryder Brick sent a semitrailer to Ellinwood to complete the purchase of 62,500 bricks, he reported. In addition to loading the brick, they also palletized the remaining brick, and estimated there are an additional 120,000 bricks remaining. 

When Komarek informed them the other company, Cross Creek Artifacts, a Missouri company, was willing to pay 20 cents a brick, Ryder informed him they could not meet that price. Komarek contacted Cross Creek, and the company has agreed to buy the remaining brick. After some discussion, the council determined that since another road replacement project is planned for 2019, it would be in the best interest of the city to go ahead with the sale. 

Originally, the council had intended to save back brick for residents who wanted them, but felt that this late in the year, it was unlikely they would be in demand. Members agreed the city could offer brick and save back an adequate supply for future repairs from the new supply. 

Komarek noted the city has always had some brick laying around. He went on to make his staff report, noting that in the coming week, city crews would begin decorating for the holidays, and a second sweeping of leaves would happen after the snow melts. 

He also reported that the zoning draft ordinance has been completed and copies will be delivered to the zoning board so a meeting can be set up in the near future. 


Here’s what happened Tuesday night at the Ellinwood City Council meeting:

• Approved resolutions concerning four properties: 106 W. Fourth, 518 E.. Fourth, 404 E. Fourth, and 6110 N. Hirsch.

• Approved a request from USD 355 to install an antenna on the city water tower located on Santa Fe. The district will pay the city $60 a year, which should cover the minimal electrical cost for its operation, and will be responsible for any repairs and for removal for tower painting. 

• Discussed placing a public trash dumpster at the city shop for large items, but decided a community-wide spring cleanup event would be sufficient. 

• Approved the sale of the remaining street brick to Cross Creek Artifacts, a Missouri company, for 20 cents apiece. It was estimated there are 120,000 bricks left after the completion of a sale of 62,500 bricks for 18 cents each to Ryder Brick of Oklahoma in recent weeks. 

• City Manager Chris Komarek presented a report concerning ongoing city projects.