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School sidewalks on summer project list
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Sidewalks outside every school in Great Bend USD 428 will be replaced this summer, Superintendent Khris Thexton said.
“We are constantly repairing and replacing concrete to avoid trip and safety hazards, mainly just regular maintenance, to tackle the job when small rather than wait until it gets too big for our staff to handle,” Thexton said. “This work starts immediately after students are dismissed for the summer.”
Other summer projects include mowing and trimming at all buildings, as well as inspecting all of the district’s playground equipment.
“There’s always something to be worked on, fixed or taken care of,” Thexton said.
“We have some trees on the west side of the football field and they have been infested with some kind of tree bug and are starting to die. We will replace the area where the trees were with concrete.”
Here is a list of summer projects scheduled to take place at Great Bend USD 428 buildings:

High School
• Replace fence and gate between field house and bleachers
• Replace sidewalk around building
• Replace concrete in the north parking lot between gym and laundry door
• Concrete the area in front of the player bench area at the soccer field
• Cut down trees around the concession stand and pour dirt area back to concrete
• Fix and straighten all signposts and re-number GBHS off-street parking

Middle School
• Concrete the area between the building and south drive, remove trees
• Replace sidewalk around building

• Replace sidewalk around building
• Replace chain link fence around the playground

• Replace backstop and playground and add shell
• Replace sidewalk around the building

• Replace sidewalk around building

• Remove trees and concrete the front yard between front and south entrances
• Replace sidewalk around building

• Replace sidewalk around building

Washington Early Education Center
• Replace sidewalk around building

Central Kitchen
• Repair parking lot concrete
• Repair area in concrete by the freezer

Ongoing projects throughout the district
• Spray weeds
• Trim trees at all buildings
• Mow, trim and edge at all schools, mow all fields
• Mow cross country course
• Inspect playground equipment and make appropriate repairs as needed