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September Marriage and Divorce Filings
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Marriage Licenses
Leroy LaVerne Keith, Great Bend and Lianna Gayle Shorte, Great Bend
Christopher Michael Beck, Hoisington and Angela Crystal Humphrey, Hoisington
Steven Edward Barnard, Great Bend and Katherine ANn Robinson, Great Bend
Leland Elijha Tidball, Hoisington and Ashley Irene Schneider, Hoisington
Juan Durell Bodine, Pawnee Rock and Anna Marie Hammond, Pawnee Rock
Ryan Scott Brummer, Great Bend and MacKenzie Rae Malone, Great Bend
Jeronimo Castillo, Augusta and Wendy Alejandra Aguilar, Great Bend
Terry Arthur Rehm, Great Bend and Desiree Ann Procopio, Great Bend
Jason Paul Steinert, Hoisington and Ona Marie Marshall, Hoisington
Ronald Duane Sanders, Great Bend and Tabitha Nicole Lewis, Great Bend
Jacob Wayne King, Great Bend and Evelyn Louise Kasper, Great Bend
Steven Paul Fritschen, Dorrance and Paula Sue Meitner, Dorrance
Jared Anthoney Wedgeworth, Great Bend and Kelly Jean Brox, Great Bend
Jose Alfonso Valles-Estrada, Great Bend and Christy Jean Huffman, Great Bend

Divorce Filings
Joelle D. Jacobs vs Jay F. Jacobs
Clint Michael Brown vs Miranda Lynn Brown
Alvaro Sepulveda vs Reyna Sepulveda
Andrea Lee Holman vs McDaniel Vade Holman
Jessica R. Fisher vs David E. Fisher
Treva M. Carey vs Gregory A. Carey
Michelle Daubert vs Troy Daubert
Bennett Shumate vs Stefani A. Shumate
Rachel Vandergrift vs Cory L. Vandergrift