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Severe weather strikes area
4-inch hail reported
new cp hail

May debuted with the first round of severe weather in central Kansas. Tornado warnings were issued for Barton, Rush and Edwards counties Tuesday night. The tornadic storm that moved across northern Barton County delivered punishing hail.
The tornadic storm brought warnings for Lincoln and Ellsworth when it moved north from Barton County. Tornado warnings were also issued for Mitchell County.
Softball-sized hail (4-inch) was reported in Susank (Barton County) with 3-inch hail reported on the ground. Tennis-ball size hail was reported seven miles north of Hoisington.
Hail reported at 2.5 inches was reported in Otis (Rush County) and 3 miles northwest of Olmitz in Barton County.
Two-inch hail was reported five miles south of Dorrance in Russell County.