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Skater, BMX bikers thrill students
BMX bike rider Lane George appears to defy gravity, Thursday morning at Holy Family School in Great Bend. Students were treated to a show of professional biking and inline skating as a reward for a successful fundraiser selling magazines. - photo by Susan Thacker/Great Bend Tribune

A champion inline skater and two professional BMX bikers rolled into the Holy Family School parking lot Thursday morning. The Lone Star Action Sports team performed some high flying jumps and stunts to reward students for a successful magazine sales campaign.
Jaren Grob, Lane George and Jon Shaw have been doing professional stunts for more than 20 years.
Grob, 34, was on the NBC television show “America’s Got Talent” and is a featured skater in the “Aggressive Inline” video game. He told the students, “Do not go home and try any of this unless you have had years and years of professional training.”
Principal Karen Moeder was given a starring role. She stood atop a ramp with her hand raised as Grob skated up the ramp, doing a flip and giving her a high five from above.
“My worst fear was really that as he approached to jump over me, I would hit the deck and scream like a little girl, and embarrass myself!!” Moeder said. “Actually, as he got really close, I shut my eyes and said a little prayer that he made it!”
Shaw encouraged the audience to be as loud, positive and energetic as possible. He chose four students for the team’s “most-requested stunt,” jumping a bike over students lying side by side on the ground. He assured his volunteers there was nothing to worry about. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” he said. Lane and Grob also joined the lineup, for a successful jump over six bodies.
The team also had a message about Red Ribbon Week — “saying Yes to life and No to drugs.”
“You are leaders in this school; you are leaders in this community,” Shaw told the student. Although Red Ribbon Week is observed for seven days in October, he told them, “We are going to celebrate it for the rest of our lives.”
Kim Sell, the magazine rep from Great American Opportunities, congratulated the students for a successful effort.
“You guys rocked this fundraiser. Give yourselves a pat on the back,” she said.
The annual fundraiser helps Holy Family School’s PTSA (parent/teacher/student association) do lots of fun things for the students and teachers throughout the year, Moeder said.