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St. John-Hudson USD 350
Fund-raiser will buy new bleachers
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ST. JOHN — The St. John-Hudson USD 350 board of education met March 7. The following are unapproved minutes.
The meeting was called to order by President Merlyn Spare. Members present were Merlyn Spare, Carol Long, Barbara Alpers, Carolyn Dunn, Bill Milton, Mitch Minnis and Stan Woodward.
Staff present were Dr. James Kenworthy, superintendent; Mike Burgan, St. John Jr.-Sr. principal; David Losey, St. John elementary principal; Andrea Siefkes, St. John science teacher; Darlene Behnke, art-yearbook teacher, Marla Irvine, board of education treasurer and transportation director; and Juliann Owens, board of education clerk.
Visitors included Carol Riegel and Kurt Fairchild.
Items added to the agenda were approval of the district improvement plan and review a sample consolidation resolution. The agenda was approved as submitted. The Feb. 7 minutes were approved. Financial statements and warrants were approved as presented.
Bleacher Replacement
Kenworthy reminded the board that there had been past discussion on replacing the bleachers in the north gym. He shared some potential designs for the project. He introduced Kurt Fairchild who presented the board with some ideas for possible fund-raising for the project. He has concerns about the condition of the current bleachers and the safety issues that the current bleachers present. He is willing to try and seek out private funding for the project. Carolyn Dunn wants the board to explore purchasing used bleachers to keep the costs down. Additional discussion took place on possible sources for selling the old bleachers should the replacement project take place. The board agreed that Fairchild should try to raise $40,000 towards the replacement of the bleachers.
Teacher of the Year
Kenworthy introduced Andrea Siefkes who provided information on the Kansas Teacher of the Year and the Kansas Exemplary Educators. She recapped some of her activities as a Master Teacher as awarded through Emporia State University. She was very pleased with the experience and the networking and program exposure that she encountered participating in the program. She also hosted the first site visit with the Kansas Teacher of the Year program and is again pleased with the networking opportunities and exposure to additional programs and information.
Calendar review
Kenworthy provided the board with a proposed school calendar for 2011-2012. A calendar committee has met and suggested starting school after Labor Day and going a week longer in May. A question has been about the possibility of moving some professional development days from Friday to Monday.
Kenworthy provided the board with an update of current legislation and bills relating to education. Kenworthy provided the board with the current financial report.
If the district fails to meet AYP two years in a row, then the district will be put on improvement. The district has the opportunity to prepare the plan in advance should the district be placed on improvement and it puts the district at an advantage by having it in place. In order to prepare the plan, the board is required to appoint an “External Technical Assistance Team.”
Approval passed for Kenworthy, Mike Burgan, Richard Smith, Sheila Witt and Michelle Flaming as the external technical assistance team.
Kenworthy presented the board with a sample consolidation resolution for their review. He discussed whether the board wants to have a joint meeting with Macksville USD 351 regarding consolidation. The board agreed that Kenworthy and Carol Long will try to meet with USD 351 officials regarding consolidation.
Administrative Reports
Losey reported on elementary building activities. Burgan reported on junior/senior high school activities. Kenworthy reported that the ESOL class has been completed. Approximately 2/3 of the 19 attendees will be taking the test on Saturday March 12. The remainder will test in April. He reported on the meeting he attended on the search process for the new Director for the SCK-SEC. He would like to schedule some community forum meetings to update them on current fiscal and legislative matters. These meetings will be scheduled on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.
Board Member Reports
Carolyn Dunn reported on legislation that is being developed to provide incentives for people to move to rural counties from out-of- state. The board discussed a request for use of facilities for fundraising efforts for Derek Grabast.
Approval passed to waive use fees for fund-raising efforts for Derek Grabast.
Approval passed for a resignation from Kurt Fairchild as junior high boys basketball coach.
The next board meeting is scheduled April 4. Board member Carolyn Dunn will provide a wind turbine update.