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St. Rose Health Center now offers free nurse hotline service
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           Most everyone has experienced something like this – especially at night or on weekends.

          After returning from a doctor’s appointment, another question about treatment arises.

          Or the drugs don’t seem to be working after a surgical procedure.

          Or maybe you need a little reassurance that doctor’s orders are being followed correctly.

          These are just a few examples of when a new St. Rose Health Center service will come in handy. It is called One Call Nurse Hotline and is a benefit resulting from the new St. Rose partnership with Hays Medical Center.

          There is no charge for the service and anyone may use it. The number is 1-855-429-7633; it is available from 4:30 p.m. to 8 a.m. Monday through Friday, as well as 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays.

          Questions concerning post-op care and medication are the most common, said Carol Groen, R.N. and manager of certifications/accreditations and special projects.

          “In the case of post-op questions, it is not uncommon for us to get the surgeon involved in the call with the patient,” Groen said. “The doctors are concerned about their patients and want to be contacted.”

          The nurses manning the hotline also hear from parents calling about when, or if, a child should be taken to Urgent Care or an emergency room. “They want to know if they should take action now or wait until the doctor’s office opens,” Groen explained.

          Other common questions concern respiratory and gastro-intestinal problems, sinus and other infections, and sexually transmitted diseases.

          “No matter what the topic, we talk to the caller and ask questions,” Groen explained. “Then we use very strict evidence-based protocols before offering advice.”

          Groen cautioned that there are some instances when the nurse hotline should not be used.

          “For example,” she said, “if you believe you are having a heart attack, stroke or other medical emergency, call 911. And we do not get involved in filling and refilling prescriptions. That is between the caller, doctor and pharmacist.”

          HaysMed has been offering this service since August 2013 and Groen said more participation from patients in the St. Rose service area is encouraged.

          “We just want to take care of patients,” she said. “You can remain anonymous unless we need specific information to answer questions properly.”

          If the nurse suggests a patient visit Urgent Care or emergency room, “we will let the staff know you are coming,” Groen noted. “It is just a wonderful program and we don’t get any negative feedback; people are thankful for the help.”

          St. Rose, a non-profit entity, specializes in primary care, and prevention and wellness. Services include Urgent Care, St. Rose Family Medicine, Great Bend Internists, imaging, infusion clinic, WellnessWorks, one-day surgical procedures and a comprehensive Specialty Clinic. St. Rose is co-owned by HaysMed and Centura Health.