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St. Rose offers free blood pressure checks, Urgent Care information
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Mike Penn, R.N., left, and Wolfgang Miggiani, M.D., prepare the blood pressure monitor for use at the St. Rose Ambulatory & Surgery Center booth at the Barton County Fair. Both provide medical care at the St. Rose Urgent Care Center. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

If you’ve been thinking about your doctor’s suggestion to have a blood pressure check now and then, St. Rose Ambulatory & Surgery Center can accommodate at the Barton County Fair. The St. Rose booth will be open Friday evening during the fair, as well as all day Saturday.
The blood pressure checks are free and so is the information about St. Rose’s Urgent Care Center.
“We will be educating visitors about a number of things but we especially want to share information about Urgent Care,” said Mark Mingenback, director of business strategy and marketing. “Fairgoers will learn that there are many economic benefits to seeking treatment at our Urgent Care Center rather than a typical emergency room.
“St. Rose’s Urgent Care is the only medical facility in Barton County staffed by an emergency-medicine physician 24 hours a day,” Mingenback added. “We also have our own x-ray and lab services available on-site.”
Urgent Care provides immediate care and treatment for a range of conditions including abscesses, allergic reactions, asthma, back pain, common cold symptoms, cuts and abrasions, ear infections, fever, flu, foreign body removal, fractures, infections, minor burns, pink eye, pneumonia, skin rashes/sores, sprains, upset stomach and urinary tract infections.
“Our emergency-medicine physicians have the expertise to handle these and other urgent situations,” Mingenback said. “When waiting isn’t an option, this is the place to be. And the fringe benefit is it will cost less than an emergency-room visit.
“We encourage everyone to attend the fair to take advantage of the fun and the educational opportunities,” he added.