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‘Supernatural’ star fill teacher’s wish list
Kelly Noland 2022
Kelly Noland

A Great Bend teacher’s wish list for back-to-school items was filled in about 30 minutes this past week, with a little “Supernatural” help.

Kelly Noland, a third-grade teacher at Eisenhower Elementary School, said she posted her wish list on and then posted a link to it on Twitter. “I posted to a lot of celebrities,” she said. Actor Jared Padalecki, who played Sam Winchester on the CW television series “Supernatural,” retweeted her post and soon it had been shared by fans around the world.

Teachers everywhere have joined the nationwide social media movement known as #clearthelist, where they post their wish lists so that others will help them equip their classrooms. Noland said she asked for pencils and pencil holders, notebooks and some lamps for her classroom, as well as items for the room’s “calming corner.” She asked for buzzers so the students can play Jeopardy!-like games and a copy of R.J. Palacio’s novel “Wonder” to read to her class.

“Within 30 minutes he cleared my list,” Noland said. She even got a laminator machine for the classroom.

Noland’s tweet read:

“#3rdGradeTeacher #KansasTeacher wanting some help to #clearthelist. I’m needing some items for my calming corner and shelves to help organize a little more. Would (heart emoji) to have (a retweet) or two.” There was also a link to her (now empty) wish list.

Area teachers can share their #clearthelist links on the Great Bend Tribune’s Facebook group, “Great Bend Connect.”

Using the website Get Your Teach On (GYTo), the Tribune found a Hoisington teacher, Melissa Schlegel, has a classroom wish list at and an Ellinwood teacher, Macey Kaiser, has a list at