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Tractor Supply Inc. coming to Great Bend
City council OKs allowing temporary use of septic system for business

 The City Council Monday night approved allowing Tractor Supply Inc. to temporarily use a septic tank system when it puts in its planned new store near Eighth and Grant streets. The company hopes to start construction just west of Wal-Mart Oct. 1 and be done and open by next February.

“This has all of a sudden become a hurry up deal,” City Attorney Bob Suelter said. The company only made its plans known in July.

There are two issues. First, the closest tie-in to an existing sewer line is over a half block away and not feasible in this time frame, and second, city ordinances forbids septic systems in the city.

This is why the special variance was granted. “This is a pretty good solution,” Suelter said.

Tractor Supply representatives met with Suelter, property owner Roger Sell with Lighthouse LLC, Mayor Joe Andrasek, City Administrator Kendal Francis, Councilwoman Jolene Biggs and engineers last week. 

Lighthouse has granted Tractor Supply permission to install the septic tank on its property. The company will work with Barton County officials to make sure it is up to code.

Any link to a city sewer line could be a year or more away, Suelter said. But, once one is available, Tractor Supply will remove the septic system.

The store will sit on just over 3.5 acres between Seventh and Eighth streets. It will face the new stretch of Eighth between Grant and McKinley.

As of now, Suelter told the council he is not aware of any other planned development in that area.