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Wayne Henneke for City Council Ward 2
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Wayne Henneke

My work experience in city government stretches from 1974 – 2012. I retired December 2012 after working as City Clerk/Finance Director for Great Bend. After retiring I was elected to the Great Bend City Council April, 2013. With my 38 years working in Governmental Finance and providing information to the City Councils and attending the City Council meetings over this period of time, it has given me a solid background in the workings of a city. During my tenure with the city I worked closely with the zoo director in the development of the zoo to meet AZA Requirements. With the stringent requirements of the AZA the City of Great Bend Zoo may never be accredited but by following AZA requirements as much as financial possible, we will have a great zoo. I fully support the city’s “war on drugs”. To grow the city needs upgraded housing. This last year we made large strides on this goal with the apartments by WalMart, the development south of the bowling alley and the housing being built on the northwest corner of Amber Meadows. More housing needs developed. The City of Great Bend is financially stable. The City Council in its decisions should protect the financial stability. I thoroughly enjoyed representing the 2nd Ward during the past two years and would like very much to continue.