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Wetlands Waterpark at Great Bend releases new website & facility rules
new deh wetlands website pic
Pictured is a screen shot of the new Wetlands Waterpark at Great Bends website.

 The City of Great Bend announced Tuesday that the new Wetlands Waterpark at Great Bend website is up and running. The website includes new information regarding the waterpark and can be viewed at

By visiting the website, viewers can find whether the pool is currently open or closed information regarding entrance prices as well as facility rules. The website also has a weather feature which allows visitors to view current and upcoming weather conditions. Other exciting features include information on group parties as well as information regarding swimming lessons.

“We are very excited about the new website and all of its features and we encourage everyone to go check it out,” said Devan Boeger, Wetlands Waterpark director. “The website provides helpful information to the public regarding current and upcoming events as well as general information about the waterpark.” 

Boeger along with the city and waterpark staff look for the website to aid as a tool to better inform the public about any information they may be seeking.

“Because of new waterpark rules, one important feature to check out on the website is the facility rules” says Boeger. 

This year the waterpark will begin enforcing a new rule that requires all children who are seven and under to be accompanied by a guardian who is of age 15 or older. If a child seven or younger attempts to enter without a guardian who is 15 or older he or she will not be allowed to enter the waterpark. The new rule has been put in to place in order to protect the safety of young swimmers and to ensure those young swimmers are being properly supervised.

But, the site is about more than regulations. “It is very interactive,” said Great Bend Community Coordinator Christina Hayes who helped with the development. 

There is a section that tells the history of the pool and features old photographs of the facility. 

“We are looking forward to a fun and successful year at the Wetlands Waterpark and invite everyone to come swim with us,” said Boeger. Be sure to check out the new website or for current updates visit our Facebook page by searching Wetlands Waterpark.

For more information call Devan BoegerWaterpark Director at 620-617-5724.