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Window breaking happening throughout the city
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Pictured here is a window that was broken at Parts Inc. located at 2538 10th St. There has been a rash of window breaking in the city of Great Bend throughout the month of October. - photo by RUSSELL EDEM Great Bend Tribune

 Great Bend has seen its share of criminal damage, but as of lately there has been a rash of window breaking in the city starting at the beginning of October, according to police reports.

As of Tuesday, there had been 15 reported at cases of business and vehicles of windows being broken out.

“The Great Bend Police Department is aware of what is going on and we are investigating it,” said Lt. Scott Bieberle of the Great Bend Police Department. “It seems that most of these window breaking is happening in the night time hours even though we did have one case where the window was broken out during business hours. We also believe that who ever is doing this is using a pellet or BB gun.”

According to two business owners, their windows were shattered during the early morning hours and said they do appear to have possibly been shot out with a high power pellet gun. One business owner tried to find the projectile that broke the window in their business but was unable to.

The owners did not want to give their names for fear of being targeted again by the individuals who are doing this.

The Great Bend Police Department is asking for people to come forward with any information about this crime, the police department can be reached at 620-793-4120.