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WorkFit program saves county money
Pre-employment testing also protects employees
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 Noting it is money well spent, the Barton County Commission Monday morning approved the continuation of the agreement for physical capacity profile testing with WorkFit.

WorkFit, offered through a partnership between Barton Community College and Advance Therapy and Sports Medicine, provides the testing for pre-employment purposes. The testing determines the abilities of the potential employee to perform a job’s essential functions, with or without reasonable accommodation. This reduces the possibility of placing an individual in a position where there is a substantial risk of injury, thereby reducing work-related injuries and potential workers compensation claims. The rate is $105 per test, Finance Officer Matt Patzner said.

“I think this is one of those things that has paid for itself more than we know,” Commission Chairwoman Jennifer Schartz said. Eliminating just one workers compensation claim is more than enough to cover the cost to the county.

The cost remains unchanged from last year. The county has utilized the service for several years.

This is the pre-employment physical and it applies to all job candidates. If an applicant is hired, his or her employment is conditional pending the results of the screening.

The Americans with Disabilities Act limits what questions the county can ask in a job interview. The WorkFit test gives county officials objective information they might not otherwise get.