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Young musician on the rise
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Blayne Buehler is a local high school student that has a passion for music and spreading the word of peace through his lyrics.

Music touches everyone in different ways throughout their lives and the messages that these songs have also play into people lives in one form to another. One local high school student hopes his music will have the same impact on people by spreading the message of hope and positivity.
This 17 year old musician is Blayne Buehler, a student at Great Bend High School.
“I want to keep my stories and songs as positive as possible. Granted I’m always going to have a sad or melodramatic song from time to time, but overall I want to spread the message of peace and positivity,” Buehler said. “Something I hope a larger audience will attach to in time.”
Buehler has been making music from the age 12 and has been interested in hip-hop since he new what it was.
I grew up listening to Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Hopsin and countless other artists,” Buehler said. “Even as a kid I loved making noise. When I was much younger I used to play my mom’s pots and pans like a drum set.”
This young man is not the only musician in the family. He has had some influences from older family members.
“I’ve also had a couple family members influence me in music. My Uncle Brent had a band and eventually started his own DJ company, the Sound Brothers,” Buehler said. “Seeing his passion for music really helped solidify my passion for music. My Step-Dad’s brother was also in a band called Swept Aside. We went to one of their concerts and I loved it.”
This musician hopes his music touches a lot of people, but it has a special meaning to him as well.
“Music is my outlet; it’s how I feel better when I’m having a bad day. It was often my only source of comfort and now, putting the pen to paper is my remedy for happiness,” Buehler said.
Buehler has a concert coming up on May 12 at City Limit Bar in McPherson.
His music can be found on Facebook and Reverb Nation. His music is free to download.