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Zoo news: Fox kits welcomed to Wisconsin
Bears root for the Cubs; Zoo Boo was a blast
fox kits

The Racine Zoo in Wisconsin recently posted a photo of arctic fox kits that came from the Great Bend Brit Spaugh Zoo. Two of Todd and Vixie’s kits born May 20, brother and sister Echo and Luna, are both “high spirited and very playful fun little animals,” the Wisconsin zoo posted on its Facebook page. “We are so excited to announce the new addition to the Racine Zoo.”
Speaking of social media, the Great Bend zoo staff posted this:
Our bear cubs wanted to show their support of Curator and Zoo Supervisor Sara Hamlin, a Chicago suburb native, and her favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs!!! Pooh and Winnie say, “We’re gunna tear ‘em apart!” GO CUBS!
This is accompanied by a couple of videos showing young grizzly bears Pooh and Winnie playing with a box with the Cleveland Indians logo on the wrapping.

Zoo Boo
This year’s Zoo Boo had just under 4,000 people in attendance, according to Zoo Supervisor Sara Hamlin.
“We think that it was nice doing it at an earlier time to accommodate the smaller kids,” she said. “All of the animals were locked in for the night except for Luke the lion as he is more comfortable in the yard than he is inside. To make things less stressful on him we had to move the ‘scary area’ to the other side of the zoo so he wouldn’t become stressed. In turn because the scary area was moved to the sidewalk between the black bear and arctic foxes, the foxes had to be moved to our quarantine area so that they weren’t overwhelmed by people and noises.”