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Zoo news: Introducing the newbies
The newest keeper at the Great Bend Brit Spaugh Zoo is Katie Maloney. Arctic fox kits are a lively addition to the zoo, but they will only be here for a few weeks. Other zoos have made arrangements for their adoption. - photo by Susan Thacker/Great Bend Tribune

There are some new faces at the Great Bend Brit Spaugh Zoo.
Katie Maloney is the newest zookeeper.
Originally from Pennsylvania, she recently graduated from Ohio State University. While there she did an internship at the Columbus zoo.
“We’re very happy to have her here,” Zoo Supervisor Sara Hamlin said. “That makes us full-staffed.”
The zoo also has six arctic fox kits, the second litter for Vixie and Todd. They are approaching the age of 7 weeks old. Every day after lunch, the keepers try to bring the kits into the veterinary exam room in the Raptor Center, the main building. There is a window through which visitors may view the little foxes, five males and a female.
Also new at the zoo is a three-banded armadillo. These South American critters are smaller than the nine-banded armadillos we have here in North America. The three-banded armadillos are the only species of armadillos that can roll themselves into a ball.
Although the armadillo isn’t in an exhibit for public viewing yet, members of the Great Bend Zoological Society are invited to a meet and greet from 5-7 p.m. on Friday, July 22. They will see all of the new animals. Memberships are available at the zoo. The cost is $25 for an individual or a family.
National Zookeepers week is July 17-23.