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After 10th and Harrison, the issue is potholes
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To the editor:

On Jan. 23, I had wrote a public forum letter to the editor of the Great Bend Tribune regarding the yellow lines all over our streets. I was amazed that I even got a response to my question. According to the city there is a Uniform Vehicle Code that covers this. I would like to give credit to our city Engineer Berry McManamam for coming up with this information; I did not know that it even existed and I doubt that very few people would even know about this set of laws.

According to Wikipedia they state the following: The uniform vehicle code is a privately prepared set of United States traffic laws prepared by the national committee on uniform traffic laws and ordinances. It is a private nonprofit organization. Most of the members are state government in addition to some related organizations.

I have had a drivers license for 54 years; we have a Kansas driver’s handbook that we read and it teaches us the rules of the road and it still states it’s illegal to cross a single or double yellow line but there are exceptions to the rule. I hope we all can learn from this and we must abide by them and we should change our driving habits.

Now I have one more question: what is the city planning on doing with our potholes? This is just as much a serious problem as your 10th and Harrison dilemma. These holes are getting bigger and they’re not going to go away. I hope that you can come up with a plan and soon.

David Doonan

Great Bend