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Best interest of Kansans to re-elect Roberts
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Dear Editor,
U.S. Senate candidate Greg Orman continually harps on the gridlock in Congress and says that Sens. Pat Roberts and Mitch McConnell are part of the reason for that gridlock. He points to the fact that Sen. Roberts has served in Congress for 47 years. Yes, Pat Roberts has served Kansas in Congress for 47 years. And during that time, he has worked with other presidents, both Republican and Democrat. But maybe I’m the only one who remembers this the first thing that President Obama said to the Republicans in Congress immediately after his election was, Get over it. You lost, and we won. That has been his mantra for the past six years. Nevertheless, Republicans continued to try to work with Democrats and still represent the constituencies that elected them. That didnt work. Over and over again, Democrats particularly Harry Reid  have smugly refused to consider any Republican input regarding major issues that have come before them. For his part, President Obama has made golf, vacations, and fundraising his top priorities during his administration. He has neglected national security issues, and the result is chaos in Washington, D.C. Before the sequester, Harry Reid was particularly vocal about how the Republicans were forcing it, when in fact it was the Democrats and Obama that refused to compromise.  To Democrats, compromise means that the Republicans get nothing in the deal and the Democrats get everything, and the people be damned. Thats what caused the sequester, and anyone who was paying attention knows that.  
The gridlock in Congress now is due to the fact that the Democrat-controlled Senate, under the leadership of Harry Reid, refuses to take action on anything. If Democrats retain control of the Senate, we can expect a continuation of the corruption, lawlessness, and general incompetence that we have had for the past six years with this administration. On the other hand, if Republicans take control of the Senate, the unilateral rule of President Obama will come to an end. This is why it is in the best interests of Kansans, and of the nation, to re-elect Pat Roberts to the U.S. Senate.    
Sharon McGinness