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Thank you from Camp Hope volunteer
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Dear Editor,
As a long-time volunteer of Camp Hope and the mother of a son who was a Camp Hope camper before that, I am very familiar with the kindness and generosity of the Great Bend community, but last Saturday I had a situation that reinforced that belief even more.
I had started home to Wichita from a great week at Camp Hope, but my truck sounded rather funny as I drove down the road from Barton Community College. The truck would not go faster than 40 mph, the sound got louder, and then the left rear tire blew! Luckily I ended up right by the landfill, and a couple stopped to help. They wouldn’t tell me their last name or address, but it was Donna, Kenny, and later Kenny Jr.  
Kenny was able to remove the blown tire, and Kenny Jr. brought Donna’s truck so that she would take me to Walmart to buy a whole new tire. Once that was accomplished with the help of some kind people in the automotive department of Walmart, we were on our way back to the truck, and Kenny Jr. put the new tire on for me.
I owe many people lots of thank you’s, that’s for sure. Donna said I can pay it forward, and I certainly will!  
Carol Losew