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No, lets torture him instead
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A court in Ottawa, Ontario, sentenced pornography collector Richard Osborn, 46, to a year in jail on several charges, but dismissed the more serious child porn counts.
Judge Robert Fournier ruled that Osborn’s hard-core images of Bart and Lisa Simpson, and Milhouse, were not illegal, on the grounds that he could not be sure of the characters’ ages.
Baby Maggie Simpson was depicted, but she was not involved in sex.
Judge Fournier was clearly exasperated at Osborn’s perversions, among them his homemade video.
At one point, a disgusted Judge Fournier cut off the presentation of evidence.
“Enough,” he said. “We are not paid by the taxpayers to sit here and torture ourselves.”
Golly, it’s
just like on
‘Perry Mason’   
In April, 1994, defendant Arthur Hollingsworth, despite previous recalcitrance, for some reason agreed, reluctantly, to waive his constitutional right of silence and to testify on his own behalf in his trial for armed robbery of a Houston convenience store.
Prosecutor Jay Hileman first got Hollingsworth to admit that he was in the store at the time it was robbed and that he was armed.
Then Hileman asked, “Mr. Hollingsworth, you’re guilty, aren’t you?”
Hollingsworth replied, “No.”
Hileman repeated the question: “Mr. Hollingsworth, you’re guilty, aren’t you?”
Hollingsworth: “Yeah.”
Hileman said he had no further questions.
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