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None of them should be driving
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Driver Bryan Parslow, 19, injured himself and three passengers when he crashed into a tree near Wheatland, N.Y.
He was playing “hold your breath” with the others and passed out.
And, Lora Hunt, 49, was sentenced to 18 months in jail in the crash that killed a woman on a motorcycle in Lake County, Ill., in 2009.
Hunt was so preoccupied painting her nails (polish was splashed all over the car’s interior) that she never even moved to apply the brakes before the collision.
On the other hand, Amanda McBride, 29, is such an excellent multitasker that she was able to drive herself to the hospital in Bemidji, Minn., while giving birth.
Her husband was in the front seat but, seizure-prone, he does not drive.
The child emerged just as Amanda pulled into the hospital parking lot.
“He just slid out,” she said.
“It really wasn’t bad at all.”
Stop using the
famous john, please
One of the more famous cultural landmarks in Britain’s South Tyneside is an 1890 toilet, “Westoe Netty,” commemorated in a 1972 painting and which remained on display at the Beamish Museum.
In March, it was relocated within the building because, as News of the Weird has reported about other museum-display toilets, a visitor could not resist using it.
The toilet will be moved to a nonpublic part of the building and be hooked up to public plumbing.
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