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Sort of like ice cream
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Orlando-area cosmetic surgeon Jeffrey Hartog inaugurated Liquid Gold, a storehouse for patients’ frozen liposuctioned fat, charging $900 to safe keep a coffee-cup-sized portion and $200 per year storage — in case the fat is needed later, as for smoothing facial wrinkles.
A Massachusetts General Hospital physician shook his head, telling the Orlando Sentinel, “Frozen fat doesn’t hold up as well as fresh fat.”
one born
German biochemist Peer Bork told the journal “Nature” that he and his partners built the not-for-profit social network so that people with similar stomach bacteria can commiserate over diet and gastrointestinal woes.
The $2,100 signup fee includes a full gut-bacteria sequencing.
Why can’t
you just
act your age?
Motorist Clyde White of Corbin, Ky., was charged with attempted murder after police finally collared him following a road-rage chase that reached speeds of over 100 mph.
White, who had repeatedly rammed his two siblings in their vehicle, is 78 years old, and in that other vehicle were his brother, 82, and his sister, 83.
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