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Questions still abound with 10th and Harrison intersection
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To the editor,

On Jan. 22, 2020 Great Bend Tribune article solution sought for McDonald intersection.

I would like to point this out to the Great Bend City Council and to our city administrator Mr Francis. In this article it was quoted as saying, “I know there’s been some miscommunication that crossing over a double yellow line is illegal he said but it’s not illegal if you are turning in to a private drive way.” The city of Great Bend and most of its main streets have a double yellow line. According to the Kansas Driving Handbook page #16, it states a double solid line prohibits traffic in both directions from crossing the center line. 

I recently asked one of our local state troupers the very same question about the double yellow lines on our streets. He indicated that it was a problem, and that it would probably not be enforced unless the city wanted to do so. If you travel down our streets, let’s take lOth Street for example, we have a double yellow line going down the middle of the street we also have a turning lane there so we have to technically break the law and cross the double yellow line so we can make a left or a right hand turn. I can see where there is a problem with the lOth and Harrison intersection going in to McDonald’s. People have been ignoring the lines painted on our streets for a long time. Look at your turning lanes on lOth street. You have painted white arrows showing a left or right hand turn and you have yellow single lines there that we have to cross. This technically is breaking our laws. 

Also, while I am discussing our local streets, when are you going to start filling in all of the large pot holes? We have holes in asphalt and we have holes in concrete and they’re getting bigger by the day. Maybe someone should start marking the holes with bright florescent paint so we can learn to dodge them.

David Doonan

Great Bend