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Schools shouldn’t be a burden to taxpayers
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To the editor:

Well it is 3 a.m. Wednesday morning Jan. 29, 2020. I am reading my paper. USD 428 is relentlessly pursuing more of your tax dollars to waste. In the same paper I read that the county is planning a tax sale to sell already over-taxed property. The people have already spoken on this subject but they will waste more of your money on yet another special election to ask the same question already answered.

The answer was, no more taxes. Use what you already have. Sixth grade does not need to be moved, we don’t need free day care in the guise of free pre-school.

People that want children need to take responsibility for the cost of raising them. Having children is a choice, not a necessity. Children are a wonderful part of our lives to be enjoyed and treasured, not to be a burden to taxpayers that cannot afford them. They are not to be used as pawns for administrators to use to get more of your money to waste. The answer is n-o m-o-r-e t-a-x-e-s. Instead of wasting money on special elections, use it on what the kids actually need. 

One final thought: Robin Hood was a bandit. He took from the rich and gave to the poor. Well that was a form of taxation. Taxes are necessary to pay for the needs of running the government. The trouble with the bandits they took off the top for their own wants before they met the needs of the people. The difference is Robin Hood had a bounty on him. The bandits of today use your kids as excuses to rob you for their out-of-control wants.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend