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Time to talk
Take advantage of Huelskamps visit today
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Regardless of where they stand politically, Barton County residents are undoubtedly of the same mind as many Americans which it comes to Congress. Some see the ultra-conservative wave that washed over Washington, D.C., or the more liberal slant in the White House as good things. Some see these movements as being the cause of the intransigence. Still, others, see them as the cause for all that ills this nation.
Once we cast our ballots, many of us feel our voices no longer matter. That is not true. Our leaders are still accountable to their constituents, and our elected officials have a history of returning to hear what we have to say.
To this end, Big First Congressman Tim Huelskamp will also host a town hall meeting from 10:30-11:30 today at the Barton Community College Fine Arts Building, room F-30.  
“With many big challenges facing our nation, it is vital that we hear from as many constituents as possible about the direction of our nation,” Congressman Huelskamp said. “I invite and encourage all Kansans who are able to attend at least one town hall in order to make sure their voices are heard.”
Agree with his politics or not, he has a good point. This is a small world. From the on-going wars in the Middle East to health care to the debt ceiling to the farm bill, not an issue comes up that doesn’t have some local impact.
Take advantage of this opportunity to engage Huelskamp on these matters. For it is only through such constructive discussions can he know the will of the voters.
Dale Hogg