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Kansas Legislature adds $1 million debt
Sad state of affairs
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You can blame Gov. Sam Brownback for the fiscal trouble that Kansas is encountering.
But thanks to the Kansas legislature, the state has added another $1 million debt simply by not agreeing to a budget in a timely fashion. Every day the legislature works, they are owed money.
Sounds like a sweet deal — don’t get your work completed on schedule, work some extra days, earn extra pay — just like magic.
Every legislator is guaranteed a bonus check.
Fortunately, it’s not tax free income.      
Kansas has transferred millions from savings and the gasoline tax to try and delay the budget deficit, but that’s been a quick fix that does not work. The state’s road program has already suffered.
The state started getting in trouble when the combination of lower income taxes and exempting business profits from income tax created less revenue.   
Education hasn’t been helped. The state enacted a creative block grant program that is creating issues for many school districts.
Every family can tell you how difficult it is to balance a budget. It’s a day-to-day struggle for many families.
We expect more from our legislature. They are some of the state’s best and brightest men and women in the state.
The fact they’s taken so long to figure out a budget is sad. It’s cast a negative eye on the state and added $1 million in debt.  
The legislature should be able to achieve their goal on an assigned schedule.
The fact it’s taken them this much time only shines the light on their inability to do their job.
Jim Misunas