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Walthy moms circumvent rules at Disney World
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Wow. Talk about a cheap trick.
According to The New York Post, wealthy Manhattan moms are hiring handicapped guides to bypass Disney World’s long lines.
With the handicapped guide pretending to be a family member, they all ride on a motorized scooter, and the family goes to the handicapped entrance at the front of each line.
First of all, this is rude to those that are truly handicapped.
Those who are handicapped need the assistance. Because of a mental or physical disability, they may not have the ability to stand for two-and-a-half hours waiting for a ride. They may not have some opportunities that average children have. It is also possible that they may not be eligible for some rides.
The cost to hire a handicapped guide is cheaper than buying a VIP pass, which is why the wealthy choose this route. That’s just sad.
Sometimes right is right. What is being taught to those rich children? This will increase the family’s sense of entitlement and is an especially common in youth today.
Plus, this practice shows a lack of respect for the rules. Undoubtedly, Disney World is not the only place where they are skating on thin ice.
Also, these rich children could use some exercise as well.
Those handicapped guides who are leading these underhanded tours possibly look at the money as due them or as a way to make a buck. However, they are helping people who do not need to have help.
There are some easy solutions, and it be better would be if Disney subsidized the handicapped guides for the handicapped individuals.  Appropriate procedures such as requiring a doctor’s note should be required.
Now that Disney officials are aware of the scheme, hopefully they will take action. Those who are cheating should be immediately escorted out of the park and be barred from coming in for a year.

Karen La Pierre