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4-H members honored for accomplishments
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Barton County 4-H members were honored for their accomplishments at the 77th annual 4-H Achievement Celebration. The theme was “Blue Jeans and Country Dreams”. Gracie Brantley, 4-H Council President served as the emcee. Drew Reisner, 4-H Council Vice President led the members in the Flag Salute and 4-H Pledge.
The first award presented is the Kansas 4-H Key Award and is the most prestigious award that a 4-H member can earn. Candidates must have exhibited outstanding contributions in leadership, citizenship, community service. They also must participate in county, area and state events including demonstration contests, judging contest and must hold club and county offices. In simple terms, it recognizes 4-H members who have lived up to the high ideals expressed by the 4-H Club Pledge. The recipients of the 2011 Key Awards were Kyle Blakeslee and Colin Miller.  The award was presented by Chelsea Cunningham, representing High Plains Farm Credit in Larned.   
All 4-H members have the opportunity each year to work towards earning an achievement pin. There is a series of nine achievement pins. In a year when the pin in the series cannot be obtained, the yearly membership pin can be earned.
Those receiving first year membership pins were: Emily Frakes, Sarah Hammeke, Isaac Mountain, Ryan Niles, Steele Brack, Camille Dolechek
and Calista Long. Bronze Pin recipients were: Dalton Dicks, Matthew Hicks, Aubrey Snapp, Elizabeth Frakes, Sarah Frakes, Alexa Straub, Emma Reif, Tyler Reif, Karly Brungardt, Molly Kaiser, Morgan Kaiser Sayler Peplinski, Parker Smith. Clover Pin recipients were: BrayLynn Anshutz, Luke Wondra, Audrey Likes. Emerald Pin recipients were: BreAnn Anshutz, Katherine Hicks, Katherine Snapp. Silver Pin recipients were: Joanna Lockwood, Nicole Likes and Heather Schneider. Silver Guard recipients were: Payton Mauler, Betsy Snell, Kirk Reisner, Anna Frizell. Leadership pin recipients were: Hannah Mauler, Jenna Snell, Cody Wondra, Kayleigh Bitter, Brinttain Noah. Gold Pin winners were: Tiffany Schneider and Desmond Noah. Gold guard recipients were Kyle Blakeslee, Kaitlyn Wondra, Julie Bitter, Bonny Boultinghouse and Kayla Reisner. Receiving yearly membership pins were: Keely and Konner Ireland, Kristi DeWerff, Jade and Jordan Mountain, Grant and Steffan Dolechek, Jacob Durrett, Jeffrey Kaiser, Ashley Lockwood, Drew Reisner and Lexie Brack.                   
 Barton County Project Award Winners are determined by their work in the project. On this application, youth report their goals set and their work accomplished in project, leadership and citizenship work. Kansas Award project winners were: Beef - Cody Wondra, Ellinwood Energizers, and alternate -Dalton Dicks, Busy Buzzers; Clothing & Textiles - Kayleigh Bitter, Hoisington Jets; Communications - Jenna Snell, Ellinwood Energizers and alternate - Betsy Snell, EE; Dog Care and Training - Kayleigh Bitter, Hoisington Jets and alternate Jade Mountain, Ellinwood Energizers; Fiber Arts - Alexa Straub, Ellinwood Energizers; Foods & Nutrition - Kayleigh Bitter, Hoisington Jets and Alternate - Kaitlyn Wondra, Ellinwood Enerigizers; Health & Wellness - Jordan Mountain, Ellinwood Energizers; Horse - Ryan Niles, Ellinwood Energizers; Leadership - Jenna Snell, Ellinwood Energizers and Alternate - Bonny Boultinghouse, TLC Twistersl Meat Goats - Katherine Hicks, Busy Buzzers; Performing Arts - Kayleigh Bitter, Hoisington Jets; Pets - Tiffany Schneider, Hoisington Jets; Photography - Kayleigh Bitter, Hoisington Jets and Alternate -Matthew Niles, Ellinwood Energizers; Plant Science - Kyle Blakeslee, Ellinwood Energizers and Alternate Kayleigh Bitter; HJ Poultry - Heather Schneider, TLC Twisters; Rabbits - Dalton Dicks, Busy Buzzers; Reading - Kayleigh Bitter, Hoisington Jets; Shooting Sports - Dalton Dicks, Busy Buzzers and alternate Kyle Clasen, Busy Buzzers; Space Tech - Ryan Niles, Ellinwood Energizers; Swine - Luke Wondra, Ellinwood Energizers and Alternate Hannah Mauler, Busy Buzzers; Visual Arts - Kayleigh Bitter, Hoisington Jets and alternate - Jade Mountain, Ellinwood Energizers; Wildlife - Ryan Niles, Ellinwood Energizers; Wood Science - Tyler Reif, Hoisington Jets/ Cloverbud 4-H members receiving certificates were: Allyson Kaiser, Lauren Knop and Alaina Straub. 
Farm Bureau supports leadership activities for young people and this year they provided recognition for those who served as 2011 4-H camp counselors at Rock Springs Ranch. Chris Clasen and representing Barton County Farm Bureau recognized Jacob Durrett, Drew Reisner and Alexis McPherson and Caleb Maneth. 4-H Council members and leaders receiving perfect attendance awards were: Jamie Stroud, Busy Buzzers; Gracie Brantley, Eureka Homesteaders; Nicole Likes, Great Bend City Slickers; Desmond Noah, Drew Reisner, Carrie Bitter and Karla Reisner, Hoisington Jets; Sarah Niederee, South Bend Jolly Workers; Kathy McGinnis, The Sharpshooters.
Berny Unruh is the 4-H and Youth Development agent in Barton County. She is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune. She can be
reached at 620-793-1910 or at