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Happy Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving weekend is here, and I know at least in my house, we go around the table saying what we are thankful for. When you are young, you are thankful for the toy you received for your birthday, or that raggedy old stuffed dog that has given you comfort as long as you can remember. (Mine was named “Puppy”, and my son’s is” Fluffy”) As you get older, you become more thankful for the family that is around you and the times you get to be together rather than the smart phone or the new car. We grow up, and begin to realize that the material things are just that, material.
For fun this week, I decided to make a list of a Thanksgiving meal in my family and see what state produced the most of that particular main ingredient. So here goes!
Turkey: Minnesota; Ham: North Carolina; Mashed Potatoes: Idaho; Sweet Corn: Florida; Sweet Potatoes: North Carolina; Bread (Wheat): Kansas; Butter (The real stuff, not margarine) California; Pumpkins: Illinois; Cherries: Washington State; Pecans: Georgia; Cranberries: Wisconsin; Green Beans: Wisconsin; Onions: Washington; Carrots: California; Olives: California
In my mind, the people we all should be thanking this year in definitely the farmer. Without these amazing people and their families, in this day and age, there would be no thanksgiving dinner. As the saying goes, once in your life you will need a doctor, lawyer, and a policeman, but three times a day, you will need a farmer. Thank you farmers, for all that you do for us! Happy Thanksgiving!