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Kansas Farm Bureau honors tradition dnd heritage of family farms
Popular Century Farm effort enters 15th year across Kansas
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Tradition and heritage are a big part of what makes agriculture such an attractive way of life for so many Kansans. The lifeblood of our existence, the farms and ranches in Kansas, provide food, fuel and fiber for the world.
The history of these farms and ranches is rich, with many stories to tell. In that spirit, Kansas Farm Bureau, the state’s leading agriculture advocacy organization, is launching the 15th year of its program to honor those family farms that have passed down this heritage for more than a century.
The Kansas Farm Bureau “Century Farm” program will recognize family farms whose current owner/operator is related to the owner/operator of the farm in 1914 or before. Qualifying farmers will receive a farm sign designating “Century Farm” status and recognition from Kansas Farm Bureau.
“As farmers and ranchers, we are proud of our legacy and heritage,” said Rich Felts, Kansas Farm Bureau president. “The Century Farm program will help others better appreciate the strong family ties and tradition that we hold so dear.”
During the first 15 years of the Century Farm Program, more than 2,300 family farms qualified for the Farm Bureau Century Farm designation.
The deadline for consideration is May 15. Complete details for qualification and an application can be obtained at county Farm Bureau offices across Kansas or on the KFB web site,
Kansas Farm Bureau represents grassroots agriculture. Established in 1919, this non-profit advocacy organization supports farm families who earn their living in a changing industry.