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KDA creates easy-to-follow guidelines
Licensing guides designed to help ag businesses navigate requirements
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TOPEKA – The Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) is committed to providing support and assistance to Kansas farms, ranches and agribusinesses through the implementation of 12 new business licensing guides and updates made to existing guides.
As KDA works to encourage farms, ranches and other agriculture businesses to expand in or relocate to Kansas, the KDA Agriculture Advocacy, Marketing and Outreach team identified that understanding the application and regulatory processes for establishing a new business can be overwhelming. Business licensing guides were developed to assist business developers build and operate successful businesses.
“KDA is devoted to being a partner to farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses,” said Acting Secretary of Agriculture Jackie McClaskey. “We understand the process of beginning a business in Kansas can be difficult to navigate.  We hope these licensing guides will provide clarity to the regulatory environment of doing business in Kansas.”
The 12 previous guides released last year have been updated and new specific business licensing guides developed. The new licensing guides cover: agritourism destinations; feed and pet food sales; fertilizer sales, blending and storage; food wholesale and distribution; greenhouses, nurseries and garden stores; home kitchens used for retail food sales; livestock markets and sales; lodging facilities; microbreweries; mobile food units; pesticide applicators, sales and businesses; poultry farm and egg sales and seed sales are available for those looking to start up these types of businesses.
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