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Smart Watering
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Keeping enough moisture on flower or vegetable gardens this summer hasn’t been as stressful as in years past thanks to the intermittent rain showers. But, if you missed out on some of those rains a garden needs an efficient or smart watering system and the Barton County Conservation District can help you out.
Drip irrigation is one of the more efficient ways to water a garden. The District sells drip irrigation supplies. And office employees can help design a watering system for you that helps maximize moisture coverage to tender plants.
Tomatoes and pepper plants can be watered with ½” tubing and emitters by each plant, where as beans and radishes, spinach and flowers can be watered with Poly tape that is like a soaker hose laid in the rows. We have on hand compression couplers, swivels, endcaps, filters, pressure regulators, compression tee’s, ½” and ¾” tubing as well as supplies for Poly Tape.
Conserving water is important. The Barton County Conservation District would like to help you plan a watering system for your garden that accomplishes this goal. This year is winding down, but keep us in mind for new projects or replacing existing garden watering systems.