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Adjustments and thankfulness
A Woman's View
Judi Tabler color mug

It’s like a sci-fi movie, or maybe a horror movie, or maybe a sadistic comedy, but it is reality. We and the entire world are on an unexpected voyage in a very leaky ship in a rough storm right now. It seems like a nightmare and hopefully, we should be waking up any minute.

We are experiencing a drastic change in just a short time. And we still aren’t sure why. But we are doing what we are being asked to do and we are witnessing courage and resolve in our people; in our friends, in our acquaintances. Everyone is cooperating. And helping. And doing what each can.

When I said that I loved to cook, and I do, I didn’t mean every day, every supper. And here we are without sit-down restaurants or eateries. Then I remind myself that we can order in, and we can help these restaurants by ordering pick up orders. 

Thank you, Lord, for food availability. Forgive me for complaining about cooking so many meals. So many in the world don’t have enough to eat.

I watched a part of an old cowboy movie a few nights ago. The prairie settlers were gathered for a “hoe down” and the girls and the guys were dancing and swirling to a fiddle. I used to think that scene looked pretty boring, and wondered if they really were having that much fun. Now, I know. They were gathered together and escaping from the daily labors. About now, I would love to get together and spin around with others. I wouldn’t even mind a fiddle for the music!

Thank you, Lord, for friends and for music. We pray that sometime soon we will gather for a dance, a prom, a wedding celebration. 

I thought I was a pretty good housekeeper. But not like now! Lately, I wipe off any surface I can think of with soapy dishcloths and towelettes, toilet flush handles, door knobs, kitchen cabinet handles, wall switches. After leaving the grocery store, I tear off my disposable gloves inside out, and wipe down my hands and the steering wheel. 

Wow, Lord. Thank you for teaching us about viruses and germs; and for showing us how to really clean surfaces. We will be 20 second hand-washers from now on, and much more diligent to do so.

I took doctors and nurses for granted. They were always there; dedicated and devoted to their professions. But now, their duty and their very lives are on the line. They have families too, and in fact, some cannot even live at home when they are working with these COVID-19 victims for fear of infecting their own.

Thank you, Lord, for these servants in the front lines. We pray for their safety and endurance. Thank you for their compassion and sacrifices. Be with them. Pour out your mercy and protection over them all. 

Rushing here and there, many of us have forgotten to take a deep breath and just look around us. We haven’t taken the time to take a slow walk, to appreciate the scenery, to inhale the Spring air. We haven’t looked for people to wave at, to greet, and to say “hi, how are you?”  Now we notice.

Lord thank you for the simple pleasures, the open air, and freedom. Thank you that we are not cooped up on the 17th floor in a large city with narrow halls and crowded elevators. We pray for those who are in these situations, and ask you to comfort them, and keep them from distress.

We have piled up too much of everything. We have been wasteful. Our careless use of our water, our closets full of clothes, our mountains of toiletries, our garages full of broken machines. We wash clothes too often, throw away food too much, and have forgotten how to fix things and “make do.’ Shame on us. 

Lord forgive us for our wastefulness and overindulgence. We see how little we need to live on a day to day basis, and that we don’t need to wash every item as often as we do. Thank you for all the many blessings and our continual provision from Your will.

There’s more to think about, I am sure. You can come up with your own ideas in the weeks ahead. We will have the time. Oh, and don’t forget to pray when you do have those thoughts.

Judi Tabler lives in Pawnee County and is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune. She can be reached at or juditabler@awomansview.