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Check it Out
EHS student art on display
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ELLINWOOD — Amazing art work is displayed at Ellinwood School-Community Library. Come in to check it out.
2017 EHS Juried Art Exhibition Participants:

Kayanna Hammeke – Drawings/Painting
Sarah Hammeke – Drawing/Painting
Maddy Ward – Pottery
Sara Rowlands – Mosaic
Kennedy Harrington – Pottery
Wittney Hammeke – Drawings
Mya Maxwell – Pottery/Drawing
Detje Marie Steiner – Pottery/Drawing
Cailey Carman – Drawing
Macy Munson – Painting/Drawing
Tyler Knop – Drawing
Jozlyn Brown – Drawing
Jayden Harrington – Drawing
Heather Copeland – Drawing
Samantha Cline – Drawing
Emma Fisher – Drawing
Woodson Corbett – Drawing/Painting
Ashley Hermann – Drawing
Haleigh Martin – Drawing/Painting
Dylan White – Pottery
Gabby Esquivel – Drawing
LaTaja Gray – Drawing
Hailey Gross – Drawing
Raegan Moore – Drawing
Ashtin Klepper – Drawing
Kodie McFarren – Drawing
Becca Henderson – Drawing
Kyler Doll – Pottery
Erica Gross – Pottery

2018 Ellinwood High School Juried Art Exhibition

Best in Show 2D – “Tuesday Morning” Sarah Hammeke
Best in Show 3D – “E’Toile” Maddy Ward

Black and White Drawing
First Place - “Milchshaum” Detje Marie Steiner
Second Place - “Sliver of Stardust” Sarah Hammeke
Third Place - “Altin Devlet” LaTaja Gray
Honorable Mention - “Motherhood” Cailey Carman

Colored Drawing
First Place -“Tuesday Morning” Sarah Hammeke
Second Place -“Ballet Beauty” Macy Munson
Third Place - “Track Star of the ‘70’s” Tyler Knop

First Place - “Magenta Mountains” Sarah Hammeke
Second Place - “Bear Lake” Kayanna Hammeke
Third Place - “Life’s a Climb” Haleigh Martin

Beginning Art Still Life Drawings
First Place - “Lone Ranger” Jozlyn Brown
Second Place - “Amarillo Morning” Mya Maxwell
Third Place - “A Silent Breath” Ashley Herrman
Honorable Mention - “En Los Sombres” Heather Copeland

Beginning Art Eye Drawings
First Place - “Cosmic Knowledge” Ashley Herrman
Second Place - “Beauty of the Eye” Jozlyn Brown
Third Place - “Old Age Fantasy” Emma Fisher
Honorable Mention - “Simplicity” Becca Henderson

First Place - “Intertwined” Ashley Herrman
Second Place - “ Angus” Kayanna Hammeke
Third Place - “Silver Edge” Woodson Corbett

First Place - “A Tout le Monde” Maddy Ward
Second Place -“Blue Mystery” Dylan White
Third Place -“Coastal Hurricane” Mya Maxwell
Honorable Mention - “To Earth Like Rain” Maddy Ward

The Ellinwood Art Department would like to thank our Juror Cami Thomas, a 2003 EHS Graduate and Art Student.

Sheri Holmes is the director of library and media services for the Ellinwood School and Community Libraries. She can be reached by email at