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BCC takes steps to stop cheaters

Software that attempts to catch cheaters, and tests that determine college readiness, will have a negative effect on enrollment at Barton Community College, according to BCC administrators. The extent of the impact won’t be immediately known.
Earlier this year, college trustees approved a $61,000 contract with BioSig, whose software deters cheating by recognizing the unique handwriting of a student online. Unlike a password/login, this insures the identity of a student taking an online test, said BCC Vice President Dr. Robbin Garrett.
“Once unscrupulous students learn we have implemented this tool, they may drop the class or not enroll through Barton any longer – no way to determine how much,” a report states.
New assessment tests to measure reading, writing and math skills for course readiness may also hurt enrollment. The Kansas Board of Regents is requiring colleges in the state to use the same nationally normed student assessment, Accuplacer, and to proctor all assessments.
BCC had already adopted Accuplacer, administrators said. But this may again deter unscrupulous students who learn the college no longer offers unproctored placement testing. It will also cost $25 to take the proctored assessment online or anywhere that BCC doesn’t provide a free proctor.
“We have no idea to what degree it will affect enrollment,” Barton President Dr. Caril Heilman said. But some enrollment loss is expected.
Garrett plans to ask BCC trustees to approve waiving the assessment fee for deployed military students.