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Central Plains presents all-school play
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PHOTO BY MEGHAN DOYLE Taylor Burris and Matt Demel

On Nov. 13 and 15, Central Plains High School presented “Haphazardly Ever After” by Jeff Fluharty in the high school auditorium at Claflin.
This fairy tale farce centered around the misfired plans of King Barnabas and Queen Mildred who longed to have their grownup children finally move out of the castle. From therapists, to suitors, to teachers, none of their plans worked until a mixed up fairy tale intervention showed their princes and princesses that life away from home had much to offer.
“The cast and crew have worked hard since the middle of September to put this performance together and it paid off,” said Susan Barker, play director. “We couldn’t have asked for more.”
“We’re so proud of all of them,” said co-director Rita Stephens. “They did a fantastic job.”
The cast and crew were:
Seniors: Abby Stueder, Matt Demel, BriA’na Lewis, Annie Potter, Julie Demel, Taylor Burris, Shea Turner, Vanessa Watson and Brooklyn Hekele.
Juniors: Cody Price, Brady Rugan, Lexie Broeker, Taylor Rolfs, Kaylyn Oberle, Gloria Strong and Kylee Girard.
Sophomores: Jackie Stephens, Holli Payne, James Radenberg, Linda Almanza, Collin Schlochtermeier, Emma Williams, Kirsten Gunder, John Ross Moran, Aaron Schneweis and Maya Bailey.
Alternate cast/crew list included: Abby Stueder as the Narrator; Matt Demel as King Barnabas; BriA’na Lewis as Queen Mildred; Cody Price as Prince Hairgel; Brady Rugan as Prince Slacker; Annie Potter as Princess Peppermint; Lexis Broeker as Princess Cinnamon; Jackie Stephens as Servant One; Holli Payne as Servant Two; Julie Demel as the Reluctant Fairy; James Radenberg as the Duke of Cranberry, Stage Crew One and Poe; Taylor Rolfs as Enthusiastic Fairy One and Glitterbell; Linda Almanza as Enthusiastic Fair Two and the Witch; Taylor Burris as the Royal Therapist, Fairy Godmother, and Genie; Kaylyn Oberle as Princess Ambrosia and A Page Named Paige; Collin Schlochtermeier as Prince Chowder, Sorcerer, and Eddie; Emma Williams as Royal Teacher Two, Fairy Tale Inspector, Mysterious Old Man, and the Magic Mirror; Shea Turner as Moe, Cranberry’s Assistant, and Stage Crew Two; Kirsten Gunder as Roe, Royal Teacher One, and the Phone Operator; Gloria Strong was the Lighting Supervisor; Vanessa Watson was the Curtain Manager; Brooklyn Hekele was the directors’ assistant; James Radenberg was a sound technician; John Ross Moran was a sound supervisor; Aaron Schneweis was a sound assistant; Maya Bailey was a makeup consultant; Kylee Girard was a makeup consultant.