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City of Claflin approves raises for 2019
End of year transfers, CMB licenses approved
claflin city offices 2018.JPG
Claflin city offices

CLAFLIN -- Three members of the Claflin city council, Casey Hubbard, Dan Michaelis and Nathaniel Florian, met in regular session on Monday, Dec. 10. They were joined by Mayor Michael Urban, City Attorney Bob Suelter, City Clerk Patricia Schmidt, Gary Vaughan, Richard Hayes and Gregg Vannoster.  The following report is derived from the unapproved minutes received from Schmidt.

End of year transfers from the city’s General Fund were also considered and approved: Street Fund - $10,000.00; Capital Improvement Fund - $10,000.00; General fund to Equipment Improvement Fund - $16,000.00; Water fund to Water Reserve Fund - $5,000.00.

Hubbard commended the city employees for doing good work and keeping the city budget in good shape.  Florian moved to give a five percent pay increase to the city employees and a $.50 increase to the part time police officers. Hubbard seconded with all in favor.

Cereal malt beverage applications for two Claflin businesses were considered and approved: Squeegy’s Bar & Grill and Bailey’s Food Bin.   

Police Chief Gregg Vannoster submitted the monthly police report, and informed council members that the cyper security system has been installed.  A KBI Quality Assurance Review showed a few minor revisions need to be made on submitted reports.

Gary Vaughan stated he would issue Rich Unrein a retirement card.

Following a brief discussion, Michaelis moved and Florian seconded that the city should begin a search for a dump truck with a plow, up to $20,000. All were in favor of the motion.

During the time for reports from council members, Hubbard shared he had recently given a tour of the city’s Community Center, Rec Center and museum to a group from Great Bend.

“They were very impressed with what we have done with this facility,” he said.

A 15-minute executive session was requested by Hubbard for the purpose of discussing non-elected personnel, to include council members and the mayor.  They entered into the session at 7:40 p.m. and returned to regular session at 7:55 p.m. No action was taken as a result of the executive session.

The meeting was then adjourned.