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COLD WAR: Schools compete in Lemonade War
Students attending summer school at Eisenhower Elementary advertise lemonade for 50 cents a cup, Friday morning in front of the school. - photo by photos by Susan Thacker/Great Bend Tribune
Students at Park Elementary also had a lemonade stand. The winner of the friendly “Lemonade War” will be announced this Monday.

Friday’s “Lemonade War” was touted as a friendly competition between two buildings — Park and Eisenhower — where children are attending summer school.

Students were involved in everything from mixing lemonade to making posters and selling the product. They also got to handle the cash transactions and make change.

Thirsty customers lined up for lemonade and snacks the children were selling.

“They learned a lot of life skills with the help of our amazing customers!” an Eisenhower representative said.

Not to be outdone, Park School had a tiger mascot helping kids catch the attention of traffic passing by.

Great Bend USD 428’s July summer program for children in grades K-5 is called REACH, which stands for Recreation, Enrichment, Academic, Community, and Health. There’s a lot of learning going on, but the students have a lot of fun, too, Assistant Superintendent Tricia Reiser said.

Earlier in the week, REACH  students visited Sunflower Bank to prepare for the competition by learning about money, business, marketing and entrepreneurship.

REACH students have also visited the Kansas Wetlands Education Center, Great Bend Police Department and Great Bend Fire Department; watched a performance by Dan Dan the Magic Man; attended the Barton County Fair; and listened to a presentation from someone at the Post Office about how mail works. The students at the two schools have become pen pals.

“The Lemonade War” is the title of a children’s novel by Jacqueline Davies, in which a brother and sister compete to have the most successful lemonade stand. As with the USD 428 Lemonade War, it blends humor, math wizardry and business know-how.

The “winner” of Friday’s competition will be announced Monday.