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Coroner assistants appointed
Deputy, special deputy coroners serve across 20th Judicial District
Dr. Stanley Hatesohl
Dr. Stanley Hatesohl

On Dec. 2, the Barton Country Commission appointed Dr. Stanley Hatesohl as 20th Judicial District coroner, replacing the retiring Dr. Edward Jones whose term was set to expire in December 2022. On Monday morning, the commission provided Hatesohl with a supporting cast by appointing deputy coroners.

After being named to the post, Hatesohl made recommendations for the appointment of deputy coroners as prescribed by Kansas statutes and a county resolution, County Administrator Phil Hathcock said. Deputies are appointed to terms running concurrent with the district coroner and end December 2022.   

Approved for this position were Jones and Dr. Charles Keener. Deputy coroners have the same qualifications, duties and authority as the supervisory district coroner, that is they are a resident of the Kansas and licensed to practice medicine and surgery by the state and can determine a cause of death.

Hatesohl also made recommendation as to the appointment of special deputy coroners under the same procedures, Hathcock said. Special deputies are appointed to a one-year calendar term which will end Dec. 31, 2020. 

Appointed were: Terra DeCarolis RN, Laura A Webster RN, Meghan Kern RN, Sheila Phillips MA and Jenny Parker LPN, all of Barton County; Melissa Dove and Doris Tompkins of Stafford County; Shawn McGowan of Ellsworth County; and Steve Boltine of Russell County. Special deputies do not have the necessary credentials to be a deputy coroner, but generally have a medical background.

Barton County is the home county of the 20th Judicial District. So, it is the Barton County Commission that makes these appointments covering Barton, Ellsworth, Rice, Russell and Stafford counties which make up the district.

Hatesohl marks only the second district coroner.

Beginning in 1995, and in accordance with the Kansas statutes, the county commission of the county with the largest population in a judicial district was mandated to appoint a district coroner to serve a four-year term. Jones was appointed to that first term and had served since.