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Drug Enforcement Operation conducted in Ellinwood
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ELLINWOOD -- On Friday, a multi-agency drug enforcement operation was conducted in the city of Ellinwood at 515 S, Bismark. Police officers from Great Bend and Ellinwood along with deputies from the Barton County sheriff's office, and special agents from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation were part of the operation. The Great Bend Police department drug detecting canine named "Kia" also responded to the scene at the request of Ellinwood.
The officers were searching for Brandon Dannebohm, who has a outstanding warrant for his arrest, Dannebohm fled the scene before officers arrived. While at the scene the drug detecting canine Kia was able to locate a large amount of methamphetamine that was hidden within the apartment. The value of the drugs are estimated to be worth $45,000 and believed to be intended for distribution to other drug dealers in Great Bend and Barton County.
Brandon Dannebohm is still at-large and is known for carring firearms, he should be considered dangerous. Anyone with information about Dannebohm or of his whereabouts should contact their local law enforcement agency or Crimestoppers at 792-1300