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Fall citizenship class at new location

On Nov. 7 the Fall Citizenship Class will begin at the Great Bend Public Library 1409 Williams, lower level. The class will meet every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of January. There will be a day class from 10 a.m. to noon and an evening class from 6-7:45 p.m. Doris Reile-Kneller is the presenter and students are encouraged to be present and on time for each session.
Students will learn all the necessary information to obtain citizenship through naturalization: filling out the N-400 form, and learning the 100 questions about U.S. civics, geography and history. They will practice writing and also interviewing skills in preparation of the USCIS interview.
Spanish volunteer interpreters will be available during the evening classes to work with those who have had their green card for 15 years and are 55+ years old. There are other accommodations available for other combinations. These situations will allow for the student to test in Spanish.
The classes are free but there is a $30 book and supply fee. There is a $10 fee for returning students who already have their book. Come early for the registration on Nov. 7. It will be open at 6:30.
“The Naturalization process at this time costs $725 and usually can be obtained within a year from the filing time, so if your green card is expiring anytime in 2018 or 2019, this class is for you,” Reile-Kneller said. “Bring your families and let them enjoy the beautiful learning environment of the Great Bend Public Library. There are areas of interest for every age. Take advantage of this opportunity to become familiar with the library.”