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Get ready for Giving Tuesday
The Book Nook for Friday, Oct. 30, 2020
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Greetings from the Great Bend Public Library! We have some fun virtual events lined up for tonight, to get everyone in the spooky mood but first I’d like to talk about Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is an event hosted by the Golden Belt Community Foundation from November 1st through December 1, to encourage people to give back to community organizations they feel are important and do good for the community at large. The library will be participating this year, making it a great time to give back to the library. The library provides many services beyond books for our community. Library services are prepaid with your tax dollars and support from the State Library of Kansas and the Central Kansas Library System. We never charge for any events, crafts, or activities we do. Here at the library, we strive to serve the needs of the community. Our summer library program, which is run entirely on donations, served 25,000 people this year! Donations help us continue to have community programs, from allowing patrons to print up to 10 free pages a day to our public computers, to our Santa visit last year where we gave away 100 free books to children. Donations also help us continue to buy materials like books, movies, graphic novels, playaways, and magazines that everyone can enjoy. Please consider making a donation, through the month of November to the Great Bend Public Library, that will go directly back into benefiting you and the entire community at large.

Today look for our Virtual Halloween Escape Room presented by the Teen Spot. You have been transported to a strange mansion filled with ghosts! The only way to get home is to solve the puzzles of each ghost’s room to help them move on. Can you solve all the puzzles and escape in time? Check out our escape room launching today at While this event is presented by the Teen Spot all ages are welcome to participate just keep in mind that the difficulty level is designed for grades 6 and up.

Tonight at 7, be sure to tune into our Facebook for a live special 82nd-anniversary presentation of Orson Welles War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast. Exactly 82 years after the original broadcast that terrified the entire nation! The infamous broadcast tells the tale of an alien invasion from Mars, and the helpless humans trying to survive these ruthless invaders. Presented as a real radio broadcast, many at the time feared the broadcast to be real and the events actually happening. Join us to celebrate the 82nd anniversary of the prank that shocked a nation and have a fun Halloween fright!

 Keep an eye on our Facebook and our website for all of these great activities and more. For library information or questions, please visit our Facebook page or website You can also message us on Facebook or email us at

Hannah Grippin is the outreach and marketing manager for the Great Bend Public Library. She can be reached by email at