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June Marriage and Divorce Filings
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Marriage Licenses
Brady L. Moore, Hoisington and Cara L. Kaiser, Hoisington
Ricky D. Becker, Great Bend and Teresa Garcia, Great Bend
Jesse Alan Colson, Dighton and Kristin M. Wondra, Olmitz
Danielle R. Broce, Ellinwood and Daniella D. Steele, Ellinwood
Brent M. Clarke, Great Bend and Debra D. Axman, Great Bend
Ian K. Goering, Ellinwood and Stephanie K. Troyer, Ellinwood
Justin A. Umphrey, Hoisington and Passion L. Martinez, Hoisington
Ian C. Trimmer, Great Bend and Adrianna M. Delgadillo, Great Bend
Jessica M. Knoll, Great Bend and Patricia L. Brand, Great Bend
Joseph W. Ervin, Olmitz and Andrea L. Cory, Olmitz
Douglas G. Axman, Hoisington and Jennifer N. Wondra, Hoisington
Kaleb G. Larson, Hoisington and Brittani M.Weers, Hoisington
Branden W. Lawellin, Great Bend and Candice R. Moeder, Great Bend
Cody A. Turak, Larned and Alyssa N. Roberts, Larned
Brent D. Biggs, Great Bend and Kaylee A. Dreiling, Great Bend
Kirk Jordan Waters, Macksville and Stacy L. McNett, Great Bend
Douglas D. McClure, Akron and Angela R. Phillips, Akron
Cecil R. Barnett, Great Bend and Mary F. Skalla, Great Bend
Stephen M. Sack, Great Bend and Krystal D. Wohlcke, Great Bend
Joel P. Schneider and Krisa L. Ubelaker, Hoisington
Lloyd E. Lewis II, Great Bend and Kymberlee A. Wages, Great Bend
Matthew D. Riley, Great Bend and Lydia N. Webster, Great Bend
Lance E. Ward, Great Bend and Morgan E. Patry, Great Bend

Divorce Filings
Michael R. Patton vs Geneva Marie Patton
Jerry W. Hampton vs Saylene JR. Hampton
Anna M. Hopkins vs Loren James Hopins
Jill Moos vs Trais Moos
Terrance Michael Leishing vs Carrie Lee Leishing
Chris Kenton Steinert vs Deneva Jo Steinert
Angelica Marie Puentes vs Vicente Puentes