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Local business shows support in a different light
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There are many different ways of showing support and respect to the people that keep our cities safe, but Waters True Value is taking this support a step further. Waters True Value is hosting the “Back The Blue” event. The Great Bend Waters True Value is located at 1649 K-96 Highway.
Waters True Value is committed to supporting the men and women in law enforcement and is offering 5,000 blue light bulbs to show their support. They invite you to join them in uniting the communities and supporting fellow community members.
“We are seeing police officers being killed, not for the person the officer is or what their point of view is, but just because they are in uniform and responding to a call. This is a horrifying situation that officers face everyday.”
Advertising Director for Waters True Value Rhonda McCubbin said. “Our nation is in tremendous turmoil. We are inundated daily with news of terrorist attacks, random acts of violence, and more recently the senseless targeting of law enforcement.”
Beginning, Friday, Aug. 12, Waters True Value will donate one free blue light bulb per customer (while supplies last), so our community members can join them and light up their front entries in blue.
“We recognize supporting #BackTheBlue and law enforcement may be a cause of concern for some community members. We would like to take a moment and provide reassurance that this show of support does not mean we are taking a stance on other social issues,” McCubbin said. “It means we understand that we all have family, friends, neighbors and fellow community members who leave their families and homes everyday with the sole purpose to serve and protect their communities. They go to work everyday not knowing what the day will bring or what they may be confronted with. It means they put their lives on the line every single day for you and your family. Waters True Value chooses to recognize and support their efforts.”
Waters True Value would like the community to join them by showing the local law enforcement agencies that the community supports them and appreciates the job they do everyday to protect and serve.
For more information about this program call 785-825-7309.